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Otome Road, Ikebukuro Tokyo

Akihabara has been praised as the otaku paradise for generations but does lean a little more towards the male otaku geeks. So where do the girls go for their anime/manga kicks? Otome Road! Filled with geeky stores like Animate, K-books and Mandarake, Otome Road caters for the girly nerds providing unlimited amounts of doujin, figures and cosplay. Last time I was here I dragged my poor brother to K-books where I spent hours looking at cosplay and posters and laughed at him being the only guy in sight. Although he wasn’t too bothered (cute Japanese girl geeks anyone?) and he found a gashapon stand which made a considerable increase to his collection! Otome road seems naturally more serene then the craziness of Akiba and although it lacks the size, tech and arcades it makes up with cafes and unique anime finds that are harder to track down in Akiba. Wikipedia article here and hilarious photoblog found here.

Otome Road photoblog directions from Hub Pages can be found here!

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